Howdy guys!!! ‘Tis time again to acknowledge all the awesome blogs i’ve been following and ofc all my followers. I reached once again one of my goals/milestone in tumblr so yeah. Ive been quite busy the past few weeks bc (ugh) college. But i have quite some time after midterms so I decided to make this during my break. Tumblr has been one of my biggest stress relievers from my studies so im rly happy to make this. But enough of that, here are a few of my most loved blogs and here's my blogroll for my complete following list. :)))

astrospace rookies- beautifulgeneration buttaerfly milkyfany baekyoons soehyun telepany taengay taesunamo seo-mate beautifulvelvet 0-fivethirty wu-fan wvfn sicats younas joohyun-s hyoyeon monoka jesseseo ruby-sica ninthwish m-iyoung la-rosa-del-sur imyoonas jaekyng yurioppa toldyouseo taenypush seoguma naerong barbstar ibleedpastelpink icepearls februarythirty girl-groups hyotaeism bhcys pilsuks yosics ninepearls blindlyfooled cngeneration tohososhi whimsicalchild sonyuhs tiffanytiamo florensic therunningdevil taejumma

this is way shorter than my previous lists and im so sorry to those whom I forgot but please know that I still love you guys :D

hello to my super duper lovely followers! i recently hit a very large amount of followers and i just couldn’t believe it alkdsjf;lsdfj!!! why you guys follow me is a wonder to me because i’m literally the biggest idiot. i appreciate each and every one of you so so sosoososososoos much, you have no idea. i’ve been meaning to do a follow forever for the longest time but decided to make one once i reached my goal. thank god it happened or i wouldn’t have made one lololol. anyways, THANK YOU GUYS SO SO SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING ME. THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY DIFFERENT OBSESSIONS. THANK YOU FOR NOT UNFOLLOWING ME. THANK YOU SO MUCH. ;; 

listed below are blogs i will probably follow for a very very very VERY long time. most i’ve been following for ages and some i can’t get myself to unfollow. each and every one of you make tumblr wonderful with your pretty edits, gifs, etc. you guys are all so wonderful and i’m glad you exist. don’t ever stop posting or i will have to resort to violence lol. ^^ if you’re not on here, don’t fret! you’re probably on my blogroll. :)

A - F:  092252 0-fivethirty athaenas beautifulgeneration buttaerfly eventvr fanys flowerbeer 

G - K: gojessbb haesicas hanitae heylululu hyosic idiotae imyoonas jessipls joohyun-s justmyperfectgoddess kaisics katebish0p kimteyon krastyl kyuhyu-n

L - P: la-rosa-del-sur leejieun lordhyos loveeintheice m-iyoung monoka oh-my-taeyeon ppanies pornshidae

Q-U: s-ooyoungs saranghaeyos seo-mate seoguma sextaeng sicabrows sicajungs sicasamas sicats soosicat soshiblaze soshiharmony soshiplanet stephihwang sunnystawr suveon taenggyu taengisc taenglasses taengoofied taetaengoo taeyeon taeyeonnxp teasica telepany toldyouseo

V - Z: wonsoka wu-fan yghws yosics younas yultisic yurioppa

thank you so so so so much!!!



it’s been a while since I last made a special post for both my followers as well as friends and the people I admire. The reason why I have decided to talk to everyone is because I am going on a long-term hiatus. Despite the fact I have put a lot of work and feelings into this blog, I feel it is the best thing since I will begin my university experience in October (yay, I’m gonna be a vet ♡ ) and I want to entirely focus on my studies.

However, I will probably go online about once a week to message my friends and put some posts on queues for all of the following blogs

  • seoulene = my personal blog that means a lot to me
  • tuaned = my got7 blog which can still be considered a toddler
  • functiongirls- = f(x) blog I co-run and highly recommend to follow

Also, it was like a week ago when I reached over 3,400 followers. How ??? When ??? Those are the questions I keep asking myself. I am really thankful for enjoying my blog (and maybe sometimes its owner haha) and I am sorry to everyone who has been with me from the beginning.


Thank you so much for making my days brighter. As a part of the k-pop fandom I have met so many amazing people I would have never had the chance to meet if it wasn’t for this blog.

Here’s to everyone I follow and talked to:


*aka the best people I have ever met; just want you to know all of you are really precious to me ♡

[ a - h ] 

affxtionist  alwaysoshi antisulli aquablur astrospace baejhyeon   bamaro bbeakhyun beastloren blingerous bomminator bumblekey bumfany chnjis choilor choisullis darktaemplar dewusional   dubuwaffle eovoo eventvr exober faengyin favoun florensic forkkkey ga-ho girlsgenneration giyeuk gyuuri hakyeone halcalism hamstergyuu hentaoi hornysuho hoyaan hoyeu hunho hyemi-ah  hyuks

[ i - l ]

idiotae imperyeol irukyu its4minute jenlin21 jessiclam jinkyeon jinriee jjanari jjongbling jjongsta jong7up  jongmint  junerd k-poppy key-goon keypnotic keyramel keyvictim kkibum krysjung krysoulism 

krystal-jungs krystlz / vvelvets kwibom kwonahns lazeramsey  leehqeri leetaes lordkey

[ m - s ]

mewfarida minsugahs mintyramen mvungs myungbabes naekibum namjae nickinbi noteclue pnktape pohroro rammyeon ryoue sahlli sehunti seonyuhs seoulmofo shinee-brothers shinnspirit sikeu soijns songaism sooyoungss soshimoshi soshisized steoulen / kaineapple suganims sunbyungs sungyo syaedou symptaem

[ t - y ]

taebody taejongie taejumma taekmeout taelectric taemajesty taemeow taemisu taemout taemperor taenuts taetopia themany-faces  tmntyn tohososhi unitedwithinfinite wookey-sshineesque woopyun yesung yifanz yosics yugyeon yunshinki yuratic


aka the blogs I really admire and which are a great source of inspiration ♡

[0-9 + a-i ]

2ne1z  acciomyungsoo aigyu alliquo amigonew anyja athaenas bigbaeng billiondollarbaby chaebi celo-mar chodingdino choissul daenso daesng daisynous dandyjinyoung  dohdoro domino-fx  e-youngs electri-x eteru femaleidol femaleidols flying-dimsum fourmania  fx1k  goat-7 got7  greaseu gyumeo  gyuzizis homilks hoyaegi  huailang hyosong  ibsul-ui icepearls ilhoon  isnotcosmic-say-a itsgirlsday itsjaebeom

[ j - m ]

jackseons jaebuming jeonjiyoons jitokkies jiyeolie jonghyunar justmyperfectgoddess kamiira karatastic  kimnamjoos kittenluna krystals leader-jb lee-qri lim-jaebeom littleshinee lovet-ara  malegroups mark-licious markeurs markitten markjestic markjin marktherapper marktuant marktuan-s marktuant marktuanz marktuat marktuon markyien minoism minzees misshyuna monoka   myeong-su  myungfinite myungq

[ n - z ]

naerong naeums nambrows namnambunny ninepearls nipplesxoxo noctaes noctorn  ohmilkey ohsojins  parksjinyoung pilsuks pokersoo  qaerin qianin queenhyo rookies- s1cas seugnri seujoy  shiningqueens shinspirit sicats snqyeols snsd1k snugjae snugyeol sohyunism sojuberry soojng soulli  stopsojin suhotness sullis t-eautiful taenggyu telepany thoulgyu tokki-teeth toldyouseo tteonajimara tuansandwich twoneofakind ughjacksonwang  wangjackseons yadoong yeoli  ygdomination yghigh yugyeonnie zxlo

I just wanted to say thank you for those (almost) 2 years and I hope only good things happen to you ♡


Maria ♡


Okay, first things first. I do not have editing equipment anymore, due to my laptop breaking. SO A SUPER SPECIAL THANKS TO JUSTMYPERFECTGODESS for making this for me. I literally could not have released this without you~

So, a while back, I planned on making this follow forever for 2000 followers. Its been a few weeks, I was super sick, went to kcon, and have been working 6 days a week all summer so I havent had time. But its time I made time. Thank you, everyone, for helping me reach 2000 followers. I know I dont post much anymore because, as stated before, I work 6 days a week, and during the school year I am taking tests and studying and working. Thank you to those that stick around, and seriously, thank you to those that enjoy my blog. Im sorry I cant post as much as you would like. Believe me, it kills me when I have to work all the damn time. However, without further ado, lets get on with the follow forever. Order doesnt matter, I value each and every single blog the same, so go show these people some love!

yeppeudastaejummaathaenasruby-sicayulhunniekimteyonseo-mateajummataengbyuntaengsjustmyperfectgoddessyurioppahyolightssicasamasjetifysoshiblazestepihwangtaeny-ahjoohyun-sle-twinkle—————twinklekaidashianhajummasicatshyoyeonjessiplsflorensictaeyeonce, toldyouseoheylululu4minuteunguyentercu-taeseorfboardingtaesunamoseoguma, 0-fivethirty, taeyeonninepearlstotaerosailorseosweet-taengtaengtheheroicepearlssextaengtaenypushjesschestpilsuks

If I forgot anyone, I am really really sorry! I honestly didnt mean it, okay? Just know I love each blog I follow, and I appreciate the followers I have. Thank you, everyone, for being so wonderful, both my followed blogs, and my followers. <33

Welcome to my FOURTH follow forever. You can probably tell, but I really like making follow forever’s. I like showing my appreciation for the people who give me the material that I post. I like telling them I love them. We are joined here today in holy matrimony, I mean what? to celebrate me reaching 3,000 followers! This is huge for me. I said to a really good friend earlier, the most people that ever liked me was 0. No joke. So three thousand people actually liking my blog and me, that’s huge. I cried. Now a lot of you probably followed me for my give-away(s) etc, and stayed for some reason or other. Others may have just liked my blog in the first place. And since I’ve unofficially become more of a photography blog, than a k-pop blog, people have followed me because of that too. Either way, there are literally no words to explain how grateful I am. If I could express my gratitude to every single one of my followers individually, and just told you all how amazing and beautiful and lovely you are, I so would. I would do it fifteen thousand times over.

I would also dearly like to express my gratitude, fifteen thousand times over, to all my mutuals and just the people I follow in general. You guys have been so amazing, putting up with me, being friends with me, talking to me, allowing me to reblog every single one of your posts non-stop 24/7. I could kiss all of your faces, I really could. I just cannot explain how blessed I feel when it comes to you guys. I’m pretty much a loner in real life, so coming on here and having you guys there is a huge comfort. But before I ramble on forever about how much I love everyone on tumblr, let’s get on with the follow forever.

A lot of you will know me as sovvons previously. I also run side blogs such as rookies-, jungsooyeons (not very active here sorry), joorene (activity to be picked up soon) and I’m an admin on snsdnetwork. Bolded are friends (hopefully the feeling is mutual). Italic are faves. * have a message.

092252, monoka, taeyeon, hyoyeon, yyys, 890309s*, m-iyoung, 050807, februarythirty, hersmionegrangers (taejumma)*, sujongz*, 0-fivethirty, astrospace, designed-to-die (ruby-sica)*, ibleedpastelpink, asoomatic, toeyeon, athaenas*, jiyeolie*, s1cas, narcissusroad, affxtionism, asshyun, teapanie*, suiteki, hermioniemalfoy, eunoos, naeums*, bae-joohyun, la-rosa-del-sur, baekyoons, lovegrrl, telepany*, bhcys, imyoonas*, heylululu, rookies- (lol)*, buttaerfly, soehyun, celo-mar, tiffiana, stopsojin, shinspirit, chaelins, teyons, femaleidols, giyeuk, choissul, hyosic, shingingqueens, qianin, craeyeons, sicats*, taengshi, taengisc, milkyfany, hangeuk, yghws, foreverfany, wu-fan*, faniehwang, toldyouseo, cleamour, kiyazhou, jesseseo, wvfn, pilsuks, dandyush, jaekyng, jumons, ohsojins, jessicarjung, soonomi, taesunamo*, favoun, florensic, taeyeonies, younas, bigbaeng, seunghyonq, ryeou*, sosified*, justmyperfectgoddess, malphoys, mydraco, inrogue, girlsd4y, wendygi, jxxhyxn, sextaeng, taengay, taenuts*, taecats, leadersoo, seulgibear, gor-jessicat, kai-fanys, vvelvets, myungin, taengsik, qirlsday, yultisic, kaidashian, kissoshi, ninepearls, yoonsics, teyons, icepearls, taeoff, ninthwish, krisical, joohyun-s. redvlvets,

I think that’s it for now, if I’ve forgot someone, you’re on my blogroll which means I still adore your blog; I’m just too tired to remember to add it in.


the sunrise this morning was beautiful!!



California by Kevin Russ


Seriously considering moving to the Central Coast of California one day.

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