ah your edits and icons are really really pretty I love them so much huhu could you make a taeyeon picspam tyt tho hehe

They’re really not, but thank you so much ♡ sure, i’ll add it in my list

queenhyo asked:
can you make hyoyeon icons :D? I don't care when you finish it huhu, I think your tiffany, taeyeon, and yuri icons are really really pretty :)!

Sure! I’ll finish it as soon as i can. omg really? thank you so much! 


Hi sweethearts, i won’t be making the “make me choose” thingy anymore i am deeply sorry :( but if you want to request something my askbox is open. again, i am sorry 

aiport sica + pink ♡ (asked by hyosic)

suveon asked:
but where is my dork taeyeon picspam :-((

Omg i totally forgot about that i’ll make you one tomorrow istg

Anonymous asked:
You'll be fine the. I'm 17 it's not much difference.

Are you a girl? Bc if you are I AM NOT GAY THANKS

Anonymous asked:
You don't want?

I’m 15 lmao who are you

Anonymous asked:
Pink plum aqua

Thank you so much! Plum though lol